Wedding Gown

Looking for the perfect wedding gown?

A wedding dress is possibly the most symbolic piece of clothing a woman will wear. With such immense pressure and mind boggling style options, finding the perfect wedding gown can be quite overwhelming for a bride-to-be. There are six basic gown styles you need to know to narrow down your wedding gown choices.

A-line/Princess Wedding Gown A-line/Princess The A-line dress features a shape that is fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground. The A-line silhouette flatters most body types. The long lines of the princess cut dress can create the illusion of height on a shorter body, as well as slim down a rounded figure. The full skirt of the A-line can also hide a larger lower body, or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame. This style is a terrific choice for someone who would like to hide lower body flaws, but does not want a ball gown.

Empire Wedding Gown Empire An empire dress is defined by the raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. This cut is known for its very forgiving nature. Firstly, the waistline just beneath the bust is very flattering for smaller busts as it draws attention to the neckline and creates definition. Secondly, since the dress flows from the bust line, it can easily leave certain unflattering areas undefined. Thirdly, the long line of the skirt makes petite brides look taller.

Column/Sheath Wedding Gown Column/Sheath The Column is best worn by willowy figures, both short and tall. The slim profile of this dress closely follows the body's curves, giving you a very chic catwalk look. A word of caution – its body-hugging designs can constrict your movements, including the ability to sit, eat and dance comfortably. Don't forget to wear appropriate underwear to hold everything in place. Ask your bridal studio professional the type of undergarments that will fit well underneath your dress.

Ball Gown Ball Gown It features a fitted bodice and waist, with a very full skirt that gathers at the waistline. This is the classic wedding-gown silhouette, and when the dress is embellished with sequins, lace or crystals, you will create a look that seems like it's been plucked right out of a Disney fairytale. It looks particularly good on women with small waists and is also flattering for the less buxom bride. Pear-shaped brides can also consider the Ball Gown.

Hour Glass Wedding Gown Hour Glass The dress is typically tight and full at the bust, have a narrow waistline and gently flare at the hips. It is a very good choice for the bride who has an archetypal female shape. Large bust, thin waist and traditional hips will be shown perfectly by an hourglass wedding dress.

Mermaid/Fishtail Wedding Gown Mermaid/Fishtail The alluring mermaid shape is tightly fitted to the body and flares out from mid thigh or knee. If you are blessed with oodles of self-confidence, a proportionate figure and you've been hitting the gym, this is the gown for you to show off your to-die-for figure. It creates a Marilyn Monroe-esque silhouette by accentuating a sexy figure and showing off body curves. As with the Column, beware that you don't reveal embarrassing underwear lines by using appropriate undergarments.