Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Research

The most important day of your life will be captured through the eyes, heart and talent of your photographer. It only makes sense to be extra careful in selecting the right photographer for your wedding since there are no second chances. Choose the perfect wedding photographer and enjoy a lifetime of perfect memories.

Research Ask around, with your family, friends, bridal shop staff, banquet managers, you name it. And don't forget to check out bridal websites and magazines. Get a feel of the pictures you like and take a close look at the portfolio of the photographers you are interested in engaging.

Skill and Experience Experience is always reassuring - someone who not only has a good number of years as a photographer, but also experience in taking wedding photos. A photographer who can take cute shots of babies and kids does not mean he will be able to cover your special day the way you want it. The number of weddings he has photographed is not the only indication of a good wedding photographer. Does he specialise in any type of wedding photography? How creative is he? Does he have any professional certifications? Most important of all, how much do you like his wedding shots?

Style This would depend on your personality and how you would prefer to remember this occasion. There are basically three styles of wedding photography – photojournalistic, traditional and artistic. Photojournalistic photography is often candid, with a documentary/newspaper feel to them. Traditional photography is where the subjects are asked to posed in a specific manner ala a family portrait. Lastly, a growing trend these days is artistic photography where it could mean special photography effects or a creative humorous or avant garde concept.

Budget and Rates A skilled photographer doesn't come cheap so this is probably an area you don't want to scrimp on. On the other hand, a photographer may be critically acclaimed but if you do not fully appreciate his work, paying a premium for his engagement will be a bit of of a waste. When comparing rates, be sure to note that initial rates can be misleading as it will largely depend on the kind of package. The rates generally depend on skill level, experience and scale of the wedding. Some rates only include the photographer's time, while prints and albums are extra. Other photography packages may include proofs, a set number of prints and an album. So be clear on what the package includes and what it doesn't.

Personality Spend some time talking to the photographer to gauge if this would be someone you would be comfortable with spending practically a whole day. Trust and compatible personalities are very important. After all, you wouldn't want to be stuck with a prima donna photographer from hell on your big day, would you?

Book Early Lastly, remember to book early to avoid disappointments. Popular photographers get booked way in advance.