Wedding Band or DJ?

Nothing sets the mood for a wedding reception quite like good wedding music. We list down the pros and cons of choosing a wedding band versus a DJ to aid you in your decision-making.

Wedding Band or DJ

Music Bands usually have their own style and genre of music they specialise in. Such bands may not work if you like a mixture of oldies and today's hit songs, but it could be for you if you are specific about the genre you want, for example, swing jazz. Naturally, bands cover hit songs and thus the wedding singer may sound very different from the original. If you're not someone who can appreciate improvisation and creative song arrangement, then a band may not be what you want.

With a DJ, you get the assurance of knowing beforehand what the songs will sound like. Wedding DJs also typically have a broad range of music to suit all tastes and preferences. Another point to note is that bands need to take breaks in between sets during which the music will stop or be replaced by music recordings. DJs can keep the hits playing the whole day and song requests are generally more easily accommodated.

Atmosphere Live bands have a bigger show presence and "wow" factor — there is nothing like live music to get people up on their feet and jiving on the floor. The new couple's first dance is ever so romantic with live accompaniment.

With a DJ, it may take a bit more effort to get the party mood going. This can be overcome if your DJ is a seasoned emcee who knows how to cajole your guests. DJs can also inject humour into the occasion, something which wedding bands are not normally known for. For a formal reception, a wedding DJ is probably a tad too casual though.

With both types of entertainment, you can discuss beforehand the type of image and style you desire so that they can prepare appropriate outfits and dialogues.

Space and Time Do remember to first check if your venue can accommodate the space needed for a band or DJ, and their equipment. Acoustic trios or quartets may be able to fit in a space 4m by 3m or smaller, while a larger 10 or 12 piece dance band may need 6m by 8m or larger. A DJ will generally take up less space.

Cost A good wedding band or wedding singer doesn't come cheap and you should be prepared to shell out a few thousand dollars more than a DJ.

Wedding entertainment is not something you would want to cut corners. It is worth spending extra when engaging entertainment for your wedding because it weighs heavily on the success of your reception. Before deciding if a band or DJ would be best for your event, keep in mind the guest mix you are inviting. Will the age range be very huge such that you will need different types of genres to keep them entertained or is this a party only for close friends and colleagues who are of your age range? Whether you choose a wedding band, singer or DJ, you would want people who can charm, entertain and put your guests at ease all at once.