Factors to Consider when Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. It requires a lot of time and effort, excellent organisation skills and a great deal of patience. Nowadays, couples have the option of hiring a wedding planner to help them organise their wedding, which can be a lifeline for those who do not have enough time.

Before hiring a wedding planner, there are some details that you should decide on first:

  • Wedding theme
  • Preference for a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony
  • Date of the ceremony and whether to have the solemnisation and customary ceremony on the same date
  • Budget for the wedding
  • Whether you prefer the planner to do all the work or someone to assist you in organising your big day

Once you have all these set, you can move on to choosing a suitable wedding planner. Here are the key factors to consider.

Credentials A professional wedding planner should be able to present a business registration number. It's probably better to opt for professionals rather than hobbyists as a professional planner does this for a living and hence has much more at stake. Plus a professional tends to have a better variety of wedding vendor contacts to fulfil all your needs.

When choosing a planner, it is best to find out whether the planner works alone or alongside a team. If the planner works alone, make sure that he or she would be able to handle all details of the event. If the planner works as part of a team, decide on a point person to whom you will be directly communicating with.

Experience Choose a planner who has good experience in planning a wedding. Ask him or her about past wedding projects and if possible, pictures or videos of them. It would also help to have testimonials or references from previous clients.

Share with the planner your preferences; bounce ideas off him or her. You will gain insights into whether the wedding planner's vision and creativity is aligned with what you want.

Also, find out how many weddings the planner organises simultaneously. Some wedding planners may do too much and as a result, will not be able to prioritise and provide your wedding the attention it deserves.

Character and Skill Set The character of the planner should be taken into consideration. Excellent organisation skills and an eye for detail are crucial.

You should be comfortable with the planner. Choose someone who is worthy of your trust as this person, who you will be placing your confidence in, will be planning the biggest day of your lives.

Communication cannot be over-emphasised. You should be able to effectively communicate your preferences and needs for your wedding. Communication lines should be open. Check with the planner on the ways to contact each other and the frequency of meetings or updates. Hunt for a wedding planner whose level and mode of communication you are pleased with.

Service Terms Hiring a wedding planner can be a cost-effective option since he or she has the right contacts to establish deals that are within your budget. Wedding planners may charge a flat rate fee, an hourly fee or a percentage fee based on your wedding budget. Once you have decided on the wedding planner, there should be a written agreement stating clearly the services that will be provided by the planner, your expectations and the agreed fees.